About JagFest.org

JagFest.org is a site dedicated to helping people locate information about JagFests all around the planet.

Providing a simple to find single point of information will allow organisers to present information to a wider audience about the various events that are being run.

Hopefully this will increase attendance to the shows and also help boost interest in Atari and the Jaguar… hopefully.


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Attending my first JagFest (JagFest UK 2003 in Kent UK) introduced me to people from all over Europe and the UK who I had only previously spoken to via web Bulletin boards and email.

The atmosphere was great, and buzzing with the people around me who still found this ‘dead’ platform and others interesting, it surprised me just how much interest and passion there is still left for this and other old platforms.

So What’s on offer?

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Working for a UK ISP gives me certain Internet related benefits, such as my own server with which I can do as I please.

After the great time I had at JagFest I wish to help keep these great events going in some way.

Therefore, using this site I plan to offer hosting under the JagFest.org domain (and JagFest.org.uk) for events of the JagFest nature, and any other services that I can that may be required.

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If you already have hosting for your site, I can simply point a sub-domain of JagFest.org to your site, and add a link to the JagFest.org main page.

People who organise the events get full FTP access to their web-hosting, and things like PHP and database access are available on request.

Who can get this, and how much?

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If you are organising an event, drop me a mail and we will sort out what you need and get the various bits sorted for you.

The cost? FREE! Just drop me a mail, or send me a Private Message on the BBS.

Hopefully many more JagFests are to come, hope to see some of you there…

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